Three main advantages of AVIC bearing


1. Low friction of bearing

AVIC tapered roller bearing optimizes the contact surface to reduce the roughness of the inner and outer rings and the roller surface, so that the grease formed on the contact surface can be formed, so that the size and running accuracy of the bearing can be improved the contact shape, thus reducing the great friction and heat.

The contour of raceway and roller is processed according to logarithmic curve, so as not to make the position of bearing deviate, and bear the high load of bearing in balance. In addition, the geometry of contact surface between inner ring and roller is also changed, so as to reduce the great friction and heat.

2. High speed of bearing

The processing mechanism of AVIC cylindrical roller bearing is composed of a outer ring guide and a brass cage. Such a bearing can achieve a very high speed, and the cage also reduces friction.

3. High reliability of bearing

AVIC self-aligning roller bearing design includes Schaeffler's experience in rolling bearing since its establishment. It has the most comprehensive and earliest raw materials with good and bad knowledge. Its production technology is also the world's leading industrial knowledge. It can be more reliable, more economical, cost-effective and use of bearings for our users.

This kind of AVIC self-aligning roller bearing is used in gearbox. Its radial load and axial load bearing capacity can be improved to 2 self-aligning angle and 200 ℃ stability.